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3 Complementary Techniques To Help You Look More Youthful For An Awards Ceremony

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Whether you're a dedicated worker being recognized for 30 years of service to your company or a screenwriter who won a national content, you want to look and act your best when you step up on the stage to accept your award. The harsh lights shining down on the stage do no favors to even the youngest award recipients. If you're concerned about how your fine lines and skin texture will make you look as you're handed that trophy, try combining these three complementary beauty treatments for a more youthful face.

Botox Injections

With one visit to the dermatologist and a few mild pinpricks, you can reduce lines and wrinkles across the face. This injectable form of the botulism toxin is surprisingly safe and effective at smoothing out the skin. Even if you're afraid of needles, it's worth braving up for at least one visit before you get on stage to accept an award.

The minor swelling, light bruising, and redness associated with this treatment means it's best to get it done a few weeks ahead of time. Don't wait until the night before the awards ceremony if you want the best results. Scheduling your Botox treatment early also allows you to get a second set of injections if there are lingering lines left over after your first visit.

Electric Stimulation

Botox from a place like Chevy Chase Dermatology works to partially paralyze the tiny muscles under the skin of your face that pucker it up to create wrinkles. Stimulating those muscles with extremely mild electrical currents causes them to plump up, creating a fuller look that combats the effects of aging. The shocks are so mild they're almost impossible to feel, and it's fine to undergo this treatment before or after getting Botox injections.

While there are home electrostimulation units designed to smooth out and plump up your cheeks, it's best to schedule a professional application because the unit used at a salon provides better results because it produces more electricity and deliver it to a deeper layer of muscles. The best effects only last about five hours, so plan to get it done just before the event begins. It doesn't leave any redness or other visible signs of treatment that need to fade before you show off on stage.

This technique has become a favorite beauty secret of big name celebrities. Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Kate Winslet are all known for either owning their own spa-grade equipment or visiting specialists before they get on stage to accept awards. If it's good enough for these stars, it's a smart choice for improving your look at even the biggest awards ceremonies.

Chemical Peels

Chemical skin peels are older than both Botox and electric stimulation, and they're a time-tested way to get baby soft skin no matter your age. A mix of acids loosen the top layer of skin so it peels away, revealing the glowing fresh layer below. Options include:

  • Glycolic acid peels, which are gentle and take off the least amount of dead and living skin cells. They produce the least irritation and redness, but only improves the texture of the skin in a minor way.
  • Medium depth peels using trichloroacetic acid. Administered at both spas and doctor's offices, this peel produces noticeable reduction of aging signs and causes a lot of burning sensations during the 45 minute wait.
  • Deep phenol peels. These treatments are designed to remove serious scarring, require sedatives and pain medication, and must be done in a doctor's office with an IV drip. It's not necessary to deal with the pain and long recovery times associated with this type of peel just to look a little younger for an awards ceremony.

Even the mildest chemical peels make you look red and puffy for at least a few days. Get your peel done a few weeks ahead of the big event. It's best to get the peel done before visiting a specialist for Botox because some fine lines may disappear in the process, leading to few injections to give you the results you want.

Get in touch with a dermatologist and spas offering these treatments to arrange for a complete set of skin improvements. Schedule the peel first, then your visit for Botox, followed by electric stimulation on the day of the awards ceremony. You'll wow the crowds with your age-defying face as you deliver an acceptance speech that brings the audience to their feet.