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4 Natural Products Your Midwife Might Recommend

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During your pregnancy, you want to do all that you can to ensure that you are feeling well and that your baby is developing properly. Working with your midwife is a great way to ensure overall health. Your midwife might recommend a few different natural products for you to use during your pregnancy to make it a better experience overall.


One of the most unpleasant facets of being pregnant is the experience of morning sickness. However, there are plenty of natural ways to counter that experience. Ginger is an all-natural herb that can easily diminish your nausea.  

Ginger is a strong, spicy and aromatic root that is found in pills, teas and food. There are several ways to go about ingesting this delicious and healthy herb during your pregnancy. Candies are a good way to digest ginger during morning sickness, as pill capsules can serve to upset your stomach to a greater degree. While drinking soda is generally not recommended during pregnancy, a small amount of ginger ale can also serve to settle your stomach. Ginger tea is also an easy, delicious way to ingest ginger. 

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf is a mineral-rich tonic that can help to support a healthy pregnancy and will also tone your uterus such that during labor you will be able to deliver your child with greater strength and ease. There is also some evidence that suggests that consuming red raspberry leaf will ensure that the labor process will be expedited.

It is generally recommended that you ingest red raspberry leaf as a tea. Having said that, however, the tea itself does not have the most pleasant flavor (although its odor is quite aromatic and fruity), so it is recommended that you add in other elements to give it a bit more of an appealing taste. Among the elements that people recommend adding to red raspberry leaf tea are spearmint and rose hips.


It is a myth that women are more susceptible to colds during pregnancy. However, pregnant women are still able to contract colds, even though they are not more susceptible. Echinacea is an herb that can lessen the symptoms of having a cold, so it is recommended that pregnant women give this a shot if they are experiencing anything such as a stuffy nose, coughs, or headaches.

Echinacea is best taken in the form of a tincture. A tincture is a mixture that contains a very trace amount of alcohol. However, you can get a tincture with a glycerin base if you aren't comfortable with an alcohol base. The amount of echinacea tincture that you need to take is quite small, roughly the equivalent of a teaspoon. It is recommended that you take this amount twice a day.


It should be noted that many women, during their pregnancy, will experience urinary tract infections. Whenever this occurs, a doctor will usually put a woman on antibiotics to clear up on the infection. If a woman contracts a UTI a second time during the pregnancy, she will usually be put on antibiotics for the remainder of her pregnancy. Cranberries are no substitute for medical treatment if you happen to contract a UTI, but they can be used as a preventive measure to ensure that you don't contract one again.

If your midwife hasn't recommended any natural products for you to try, ask them about what is available. There are a number of different natural remedies that your midwife might know about and could recommend to you during your pregnancy. If you are experiencing unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, talk to your midwife or doctor and give these herbal remedies a try. For more information, contact a professional like those at Women's Healthcare Associates LLC.