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Tips For Managing Your Scoliosis

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Even if you've been dealing with neck and/or back pain for some time, it still might be surprising to learn from your doctor that you've got scoliosis. Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, can cause discomfort and pain each day. Your doctor or chiropractor will work on a treatment plan or ultimately recommend surgery, but here are a number of tips that will make your condition easier to manage.

Be Mindful of Weight on Your Back and Shoulders

If you're going through days carrying a heavy pocketbook or a heavy backpack, that could be aggravating your back. For someone whose back isn't properly aligned to begin with, too much weight can make things even worse. In fact, if you're having muscle spasms, that could very well be the cause. Be extremely wary of carrying too much on your shoulders or back; make use of backpacks with handles and stick with handheld bags which may not hold as much but don't make you as uncomfortable.

Get Up Frequently

Another thing which can relieve discomfort is to avoid sitting in one position or place too long. As you sit, your spine is compressed and that can lead to pain. This is especially the case if you work in an office setting or sit a lot during the day. It's important that you stand up and walk around for a few minutes or spend some time standing so that you can relieve some of the pressure on your spine and hips. If you are able to spend some time laying on your back during your day, that could also help.Stretch


Any action that relieves pressure on your spine is likely to help you feel better. Gentle stretching and various yoga poses can feel good and ease discomfort. Just remember to avoid too much twisting; it could aggravate muscles and nerves in someone with a curved spine.

Wear Sensible Shoes  

While high heels and flip flops may not be root causes of your scoliosis, if you wear those shoes you could be asking for trouble. A more sensible pair of supportive shoes will enable your feet and legs to better support your back and hips, which could mean increased relief throughout the day.

All of the information given here can help you feel better in spite of your scoliosis. Discuss the condition further with your doctor and other medical professionals like those at C D Denison so that you can work out a long-term solution.