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Three Things To Have Evaluated Before Your Child Starts School

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There are some children who have a hard time in school because of health issues that are not detected, rather than lack of ability. If your child is about to start school, it is best to have a few things checked out to ensure that they are able to thrive when they start school. The following guide walks you through evaluations to consider for your child to ensure that they are able to have the best education possible when they start school.

Have Their Vision Checked

Not being able to see the board or read paperwork clearly can make learning very difficult. It is important to have your child's eyesight checked at a very early age to ensure that they can see clearly when they go to school. The eye doctor will have a chart that is specifically designed for young children. It will have pictures on it that the child should be able to be able to easily identify. Look at the chart beforehand to see if there are any images your child has not been taught just to be safe though.

Have Your Child's Hearing Checked

There are many parents who do not realize that their children have a hearing problem because they do not recognize it at home. There are some children who have a hard time hearing unless they are very close to the sound that they are listening to. This means that if the child sits in the back of the room, they may not be able to hear what their teacher is saying. An audiologist will be able to test your child's hearing with ease and let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. There are hearing aids available for children to use who have a hearing issue to ensure that they are able to hear as well as possible at all times.  

Have Your Child Checked for ADD

Some children have a hard time when they start school because they are not able to focus properly. You can take your child to their pediatrician to have them evaluated for Attention Deficit Disorder before they start school. The disorder can often be treated through proper diet and exercise, but some children need to take medication in order to focus properly. The doctor will be able to help you choose the option that is right for your child.

Empowering your child in every way that you can before they start school will ensure that they have the best opportunity to thrive. After they start, be sure to ask them if they notice any difficulties during school so that they can be addressed right away. Contact professionals, such as at Audiology Consultants, P.C., for more help.