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Your Fatigue May Be Caused By Anemia

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When you feel absolutely exhausted, the problem may be the result of anemia. Your body is not producing enough red blood cells. There are many symptoms of anemia that you will need to look out for. The symptoms can vary based on the severity of the condition and the type of anemia that you are suffering from.

Iron Deficiency

The most likely reason you are suffering from anemia is because you have an iron deficiency. Iron is an essential mineral for producing red blood cells. In extreme cases, you may begin to experience organ failure.

If the reason for your anemia is iron-deficiency, you may need to make changes to your diet. Also, you may need to take iron supplements. Fortunately, this cause of anemia is one of the easiest to correct.

Other Diseases

If your anemia is connected to a disease, however, the condition can be much more difficult to treat. You may suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes, kidney disease or cancer. If this is the case, the treatment of anemia will be connected to the treatment of the condition causing it.


While diabetes does not cause anemia by itself, it can contribute to the severity of the disease. Diabetes may cause you to not eat well, which can contribute to iron-deficiency. High blood glucose levels and high blood pressure can lead to other conditions that can cause anemia, such as neuropathy. Because of these risks, you must work carefully with your doctor to get your blood glucose and blood pressure under control.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease involves a permanent partial loss of kidney function. This can lead to anemia. Kidney damage often results itself from iron-deficiency. Improving your nutrition can help with your kidney disease and will also help correct your problem with anemia.

An Enlarged Spleen

As blood cells wear out, the spleen is responsible for removing them. However, if your spleen is defective, it may be removing more red blood cells than necessary. This is common with an enlarged spleen. The enlarged spleen might be caused by an infection and your doctor will need to treat the underlying infection to solve the problem.

When you are suffering from fatigue, the best option is to visit your doctor. He or she might refer you to an internal medicine specialist who will be able to determine exactly what is causing your fatigue and anemia.