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How Physiotherapists Help Pitchers With Shoulder Arthritis

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You are a promising young picture just finishing up with college and looking at the professional leagues. However, you have developed a bit of arthritis in your shoulder and are worried about what direction your career may go. Thankfully, you can utilize a physiotherapist to improve the strength and stability in your shoulder and pitching arm.

Shoulder Arthritis Will Affect Your Career

A good pitcher relies on a multitude of elements to ensure that their pitches are good. Unfortunately, an unstable shoulder – such as one that suffers from arthritis – may be too weak at times for you to throw properly. This problem may plague you through college – yes, teenagers and 20-year-olds can get arthritis – and challenge your success in a variety of unique ways.

Even worse, a scout may discover that you have arthritis and use that against you when trying to figure out your worth as a pitcher. And if you end up suffering from damage to important joints in your body, you could easily see your pitches degrade in quality and the strength of your throwing arm degrade heavily and affect your potential professional career. Therefore, you need to avoid this problem in any way possible.

How Physiotherapy Can Help

If you suffer from arthritis in your shoulder and you're worried about your pitching career stalling out, you should contact a physiotherapist to get the help that you need. These professionals will work with you to provide you arthritis care and to restore your range of movement as much as possible.

For example, they can teach you what types of movements you should avoid to complicate your throwing motion when a fit of arthritis strikes. These limited movements can also focus on specific muscles and tendons and strengthen them to fend off the intensity of some types of arthritis pain.

Beyond this help, physiotherapists can also provide you with pain-relief treatments such as heat and ice packs, very types of massages, taping, acupuncture, and even electrical nerve stimulation. This type of care will minimize the spread of arthritis in your shoulder and ensure that you aren't in excessive pain when you're on the mound during a big game.

So if your shoulder hurts when you play baseball and you want to avoid complications, please don't hesitate to visit a physiotherapist right away. These professionals will assess the situation, figure out how far your arthritis has spread through your body, and implement a care method that will improve your overall health and fitness in a healing manner.

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