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Quick Tips To Help You Save Money When Planning A Funeral

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It is important for a lot of people to be able to save money whenever they can when they are in the midst of planning a funeral. If you have found yourself in charge of planning a funeral and you need to save some money on the cost, you will want to check out the following tips listed below.

Agree To A Cremation Instead Of A Burial

Many people find themselves just agreeing to a standard burial because they are not aware of the other option. Then again, some people might be aware that the option exists, but they do not know a lot about it and why it might be the better choice for them to make. If the last will and testament—or spoken personal wishes—of the dearly departed did not specify which resting place they want, then you can opt for the cremation. With the option of cremation, you can save a lot of money and the ashes can be kept in a special urn.

Pick A Plainer Casket

If you are going to opt for the burial instead of cremation, you will still be able to find ways to cut down on the overall cost of the funeral. Instead of being talked into a fancy casket with intricate designs, you might want to opt for a plain, yet still stunning, casket. To spruce up its look at the viewing, you can have some flowers laid along the top of the casket lid while it is open. You can also place flowers on stands at one or both ends of the casket. More people are going to be concerned with having their chance to pay their final respects than judging the casket you picked out.

Only Have A Single Viewing

Even if you are expecting a very large crowd of people at the viewing, you can cut costs by only scheduling one viewing. Since the one viewing will still probably be a couple of hours long, there will be plenty of time for people to make their way to the casket, one by one, to pay their final respects.

Talk with the funeral home director as soon as possible about additional ways you can save money. They will be more than willing to help you. After all, they want to make this process as easy on you as possible, and they do not want to push you into making arrangements that cost more than you can afford.