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The Stages Of IVF

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If you are trying to have a child, you may wonder if you should undergo IVF. IVF is a process that helps many women become pregnant. If you are trying to become pregnant, you may undergo an IVF cycle. The first step to going through IVF is to understand the different steps involved in the cycle. These are the steps you need to go through during the process.

Prepare for IVF

The initial stages of IVF involve preparing for the procedure. Preparation can take several weeks, and it will likely involve making some lifestyle changes so that you are healthy enough for the steps involved. Preparation may also involve taking some medications that help you maintain a regular menstrual cycle. This may involve taking birth control pills or hormone treatments.

Stage One

The first stage of IVF involves the first days of your period before you undergo the treatment. The stage cannot stop until you get your period, so having a menstrual cycle is good news at this point.

Stage Two

The second stage of IVF can take just a couple days to over a week. This is a process in which you will take fertility drugs. These drugs will stimulate your ovaries so that they release more eggs than usual during your cycle. You want to have as many eggs ready to go as possible.

Stage Three

The third stage of IVF involves injections of HCG, a pregnancy hormone. The hormone actually initiates the release of all those eggs you were trying to stimulate. After the injection, you will come in for another appointment in which the doctor removes the eggs.

Stage Four

Next, you have to do very little. Your partner will provide a sperm sample, or the doctor will take the donor sperm you want to have used. Within a few hours of removal, the eggs will be fertilized. You will begin taking progesterone, a hormone that helps your body prepare its womb for a healthy baby to develop once the doctors place the embryos in your uterus.

Stage Five

In the next stage, the doctor will place the embryos in your uterus. The process is less complicated than it sounds, and many women do not feel any pain.

Stage Six

The final stage of IVF involves visiting the doctor again, a few weeks later. The doctor will check your uterus to determine what your hormones look like.

Soon, you will have a pregnancy test that shows you if the IVF was successful. If you are interested in this procedure, contact an IVF professional to learn more.