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5 Benefits Of Regular Eye Exams

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If you have excellent vision, you may wonder if it is necessary to schedule an eye exam once a year. After all, if you do not have any vision issues, what is the point of seeing an eye doctor? However, it is important for you to schedule a checkup with your optometrist annually, regardless of the current state of your vision.

Here are a few benefits of regular eye exams.

Correct Vision Problems

Even if you have had perfect vision all of your life, it can still deteriorate over time. During a routine eye exam, your optometrist will have you read an eye chart to determine if you have a refractive error or not. If you do, your optometrist will suggest eyeglasses or contacts.

Detect Eye Diseases

Certain eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, do not usually present symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, you could have an eye disease for a while and not even realize it. That is why it is so critical to get an eye exam every year. If an eye disease is caught in the early stages, it is easier to treat.

Obtain Valuable Advice

If you have any questions about your vision, an annual eye exam is a great opportunity to bring them up. For example, if you have been experiencing dry eye, you can ask your optometrist about how to treat it.

Update Your Prescription

An eye exam is also a good time to update your current prescription. If your eyeglasses have been causing headaches, squinting, or blurry vision, it is probably time to update your prescription. Your vision can change from year to year. Your eye doctor can give you a new prescription, helping you see more comfortably.

Reveal Other Health Issues

Believe it or not, eye exams can also help detect other health conditions. For instance, if you have a blue or yellow ring around your cornea, it may indicate high cholesterol. If you have damaged blood vessels in your retina, you may have diabetes. Routine eye exams can also help detect high blood pressure, cancer, thyroid disease, and lupus. The sooner you detect these diseases, the easier they are to treat.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to scheduling a yearly eye exam. If it has been more than a year since your last exam, you should contact an eye center, such as Leader Heights Eye Center, as soon as possible.