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Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Undergoing Portion Control Training

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Portion control is really important if you want to make significant progress with weight loss. Unfortunately, people sometimes make mistakes when it comes to portion control training that compromise their success.

The following are six mistakes that you need to avoid when undergoing portion control training to maximize your chances of losing weight. 

Ignoring food labels

Food labels contain a lot of important information that you should reference when trying to lose weight through portion control. 

When it comes to portion control training, it's especially important to look at the serving size listed on food labels. This tells you how much one portion is so that you know how many calories and nutrients you're getting per unit of food. 

Going to a dining establishment with buffet-style serving

It's difficult to control your portions when you're eating at a buffet. It's important to avoid buffet-style dining when you're trying to lose weight by limiting your portions. If you must eat in a buffet environment, limit yourself to eating vegetables and lean meats during the meal. 

Failing to take note of what you're eating

One of the best things you can do when you're trying to lose weight through portion control is keep a food journal. When you write down everything you're eating in your food journal, you have a detailed record of your portions.

Writing down everything you're eating can help you gain valuable insights into what habits help you with portion control and what habits make it so that you pack on pounds. 

Using large plates

Believe it or not, the size of the plate you use can actually have a big impact on how much food you eat and how large your portions are. Opting for smaller plates can help you to eat less and be more satisfied with smaller portions of food. 

Not having a scale to weigh food

For some foods, you're going to struggle to determine standard portion sizes without a scale. By using a scale, you can weigh out your portions so you know exactly how many calories they contain. 

Assuming beverages won't be significant calorie sources

Beverages contain a lot of calories, especially sodas and juices that contain a great deal of sugar.

You need to be keeping track of beverages you're consuming in addition to foods you're eating for accurate portion control. If you do drink soda, make sure that you don't consume too much in a day and only consume sodas as occasional treats. 

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