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Neck Pain Specialists Help Veterinarians With Spinal Stenosis

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Veterinarians provide essential care services that keep people's pets healthy. Unfortunately, veterinarians may experience health problems like neck pain caused by spinal stenosis. These conditions may cause a lot of unnecessary suffering if they don't get treatment help from a professional.

Spinal Stenosis May Cause Neck Pain for Veterinarians

Veterinarians spend much of their life crouched over animals and may develop neck pain due to their work conditions. Unfortunately, some veterinarians may develop spinal stenosis that makes this problem worse. This condition occurs when osteoarthritis wears away sections of the spinal cord and causes excessive pain, numbing, and other problems that make a veterinarian's life challenging.

Thankfully, neck pain specialists and treatment experts may help minimize this problem by using a variety of treatments. They'll start by diagnosing a veterinarian's condition and then finding ways to manage this problem that works with their unique career needs. Just a few ways that neck pain experts can help manage persistent suffering include:

  • Physical Therapy: Neck pain experts can provide physical therapy for veterinarians and teach them techniques they can use in their day-to-day life. These therapy options may include controlled neck movements a veterinarian can do before and after working on an animal.
  • Medications: Veterinarians may need various medicines to treat spinal stenosis, particularly drugs that minimize their risk of drowsiness. Falling asleep during surgery could be dangerous to their patients, so care options like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and even some anti-seizure medications may help.
  • Injections and Surgery: Veterinarians who need fast and long-term relief may get injections. These will last for several months and help minimize severe neck pain. Surgery may be necessary for those with more severe problems, though this may require the veterinarian to take weeks or even months off work.

Neck pain specialists typically choose the least restrictive option first and move to injections and surgery when physical therapy and medication don't work. Veterinarians experiencing this pain may also help determine treatment options by approving types they think make sense for them or steering their treatment experts in a different direction instead.

Making a Wise Choice

Veterinarians suffering from spinal stenosis and its persistent pain should contact a neck pain expert to get help right away. These professionals may provide many short- and long-term treatment plans that can help an individual transition to a healthier and happier lifestyle as a veterinarian. Importantly, it can ensure that they don't experience any pain or suffering while treating or performing surgery on an animal.

For more information, contact a neck pain service in your area.